Monday, November 27, 2006

Saturday, November 18, 2006


The following takes place between 8:00PM and 2:00PM on the day of the Manny Pacquiao fight....

I suffered a hook right on the temple... or in other words, I got hooked to the most talked about TV series in recent years.

My sister finally bought DVD's of 5 seasons of 24. Needless to say, I got addicted. I haven't had sleep for the past 16 hours trying to satiate my ever increasing hunger for every plot twist and turn in the life of Jasck Bauer, agent of CTU.

For the longest time, I've been told by friends about this TV show but I've resisted for God know's what reason. I've tried to be different from the rest of the population. But my will is weak.

I dont know how long i can keep my eyes open. I dont know how I'm ever gonna be able to go to work tomorrow.

I have vegetated in my room the whole weekend. I have had my dinners brought to my room in order to save time. I've eaten rice dinners in my bed and presumably shared my pillow with a cockroach or two.

Right now, the cops are after Bauer for being implicated in the attempted assasination of the first Black presidential candidate while the real bad guys hold his wife and daughter hostage.

The only thing that irks me is the multiple screen shots employed by the director. But then, I'm an addict. I have no right to criticize this addiction.

Before this, I just finished watching the 5 seasons of Alias - also on DVD's - and finally put to rest the saga of Sydney Bristow and the prophecies of Rimbaldi.

I'm going back to watching 24 now.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Tapa Heaven

It was a lazy Sunday afternoon. I was lounging around the house after lunch trying to cherish what's left of the weekend and trying not to think of work. I was watching a rerun of Treasure Hunters, that reality game show where teams go out on a treasure hunt (go figure) when my sister asked if I could accompany her to UP to buy gardening stuff at CP Garcia. I said ok.

After buying pebbles and three huge rocks to use for her project - a zen garden - we decided to drive around the old haunts of our dear campus for a trip down memory lane. Passing by the Shopping Center, my sister had a brainstorm of an idea.

We headed for the direction of Rodic's! That small eatery inside the shopping center that serves (to my mind and lots of others) the best damn tapsilog in the whole wide world. Savouring those delicate tapa flakes that melt in your mouth (or jam between your teeth), I was instantly transported to back to the halcyon days of college.

Ahh tapa heaven..

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


During a recent trip to Brisbane, I encountered what perhaps could be the most vile, most insiduous (spellcheck please), most cruel invention ever devised by man! Let me explain...

I took a Singapore Airlines flight that spanned a total of 18 hours (given a 3-hour layover plus delays and a change in timezones). I spent most of that time cooped up in coach, squeezed in between a window and a horizontally-challenged Aussie mom with her 4-year old daughter in tow. This made me think twice about asking for beer or wine for relaxation because getting up to pee would be a challenge after that (not to mention a great inconvenience to the mom and kid). The flight was scheduled to span all night and arrive at my destination at daybreak the following morning.

The vile invention kept me up all night with nary a wink of sleep! This insiduous gadget prevented me from willfully shutting my eyes and resting for a long day ahead. This vile contraption is...


With the vast amount of resources in its library, I was hooked, lined and sinkered to spending the entire trip scanning for the latest movies, TV shows, music, and video games from its arsenal of weapons designd to deprive lowly travellers of much needed sleep!

Needless to say, I was grouchy the next day.