Tuesday, April 10, 2007

10 Peso Poop

I'm sure you've been to those fancy smanzchy lounges inside fancy smanzchy malls otherwise known as bloody loos (toilets! increase your vocabulary please!)... (ok, ok, for the uninitiated pinoys - CR!).

Anyways, for the price of admission (10 Pesos) they provide you with a cleaner toilet complete with the rarest commodity inside Philippine toilets - toilet paper! Yup, they even provide liquid soap and cheap body cologne and generic lotion. Oh, and the toilet smells oh so fresh and fragrant as well.

These perks and privileges worth 10 Pesos are considered freebies, nay, requirements even, in more developed countries and even lesser ones all throughout the world. But no! Those money grubbing mall operators have the gall to charge our brown Pinoy butts the price of a small soda drink for "services" they ought to provide for free!

For those of you who feel as shortchanged as I am, I do offer a suggestion. But I wont suggest you boycott these establishments, I'd even encourage you to take out your 10 pesos and please go to those "lounges" and use their facilities.

But don't just pee!

Do the number 2!!! not only that, pass gas so hard that it will negate the effects of the air freshener. Use up all the toilet paper and the lotions, spray the whole bottle of body spray onto your shirts to remove the smell of fart you just exuded and dont forget to lather your skins with lotion.

If enough people do this, we can clog up their sewer lines for weeks!

Disclaimer: I am by no means associated with Malabanan pozo negro sipsip co.