Monday, November 17, 2008

A Geek's Dream Come True...

This is happening as I am writing this piece...

I am in a Netopia Branch near my former office whiling away the time waiting for an appointment when the ultimate geek dream happened (is happening as I write this).

A beautiful, tall, model-like lady just entered Netopia wearing a white skimpy short (and I mean Short!) dress and sat next to my computer terminal. Her perfume wafts over me as if enticing me to introduce myself.

This would have been the luckiest day of my life if I weren't a) married and b) a total geek!

Assume for a moment that I am still single and have the liberty to pick up chicks, this perfect situation would still be a total disaster because I am a *refer to item B above*. I was a total shy-type dude when I was single it's a miracle I ever got married in the first place.

I guess this wouldn't be a Geek's dream after all... more like agony when I think about it.

*Disclaimer* - I believe married dudes should be allowed to "look but don't touch". And thats just what I am doing, honest dear!