Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Travelogue Part 2 - San Fernando La Union

Took a trip to San Fernando, La Union... (actually we went to Bacnotan but stayed in San Fernando). The trip was supposed to last for seven hours.....

You know how long seven hours is while sitting in the passenger seat of a car?!*@#%!&^!!

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Down the Drain

Have you ever watched that TV show "My name is Earl"? It's about one man, worried about Karma tries to right everything that he did wrong in life... and he got a list.

I too am prone to believe in karma. And in my case, Karma is usually quick in reminding me of what I've done. It doesn't usually take too long for karma to bite me in the ass.

This time, it took a few months. I accidentally bumped my car into the passenger side door of my neighbor's car a few months back. I tried settling it then but my neighbor just let the thing hang as if he isn't keen on having me answer for the faux pas.

Karma took its time. It finally came knocking on the door today.. Literally. I got a bill for the body repair for that small dent on my neighbor's car door.

There goes three thousand pesos down the drain.

Hayyy life! You can't win.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Travelogue Part 1 - San Carlos

Going to San Carlos (Negros) for my latest project was fairly easy enough at the beginning, although I had a lot of work done in the office on the morning of my trip. There were a lot of loose ends that I had to tie up. I also had a lot of work delegated to workmates before I was able to leave.

The plane ride was a breeze. I had a bad cold which made popping my ears for the pressure change quite a difficult ordeal. Then came the highlight of the trip – the car ride from Bacolod to San Carlos. The trip was fairly short – about an hour and a half for a trip of about 85 Kilometers. We passed through endless sugarcane fields and up the mountainous pass. Kanlaon volcano was to our right.

The ride took place at about 6pm to 730pm. This is where it gets interesting. I was always psychologically affected by twilight. Twilight always depresses me. The view of endless terrain with nary a soul in sight, not even a lamppost – made me all the more anxious. For all intents and purposes, I was on the brink of panic.

And that was just the beginning.

Upon Getting to San Carlos, our host provided us with accommodations smack right out of a Shake Rattle and Roll movie. We were billeted in an old hacienda manor reeking of “haunted house” aura. The house was located in the middle of sugarcane fields with only a dirt road as access to the highway. Except for a housekeeper who stays in a small house behind the manor, my companion and I were all alone inside the manor.

The d├ęcor of the house reeked of old Spanish era ambience. I swear I could just imagine old lola Basiang sitting on the wooden rocking chair in the living room. Every old urn looks like something a monster would call home.

I slept soundly though.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

No Title

I'm depressed.

I'm at the crossroads of my life.

I know I have to move forward. I know I have to take the step - to take control of my destiny. I have to live the life I chose.

But I also want, for one fleeting moment, to go back to the way it was, not to dwell on the past but to savor it for one last time. Just one last hurrah. Is that too much to ask? Will the world stop spinning because of that? Am I a bad person for wanting it?

Just one, one fleeting moment to save and cherish and remember. That's all I want - memories.